Countless Brentwood residents and community leaders have pledged their support for Measure L


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Yes! We Support Measure L:


“A Net Conservation Gain of Permanent Open Space”

Contra Costa County Firefighters
Brentwood Police Officers Association

Local Businesses

The Barbershop

Brentwood Ace Hardware

Brentwood Emporium

Crème de la Gem Jewelry

Delta Barber

Delta Spine & Sportcare 

Diggers Diner Brentwood

Dino’s Sandwich Shop

Harvest Park Bowl

Health Hut

Joe’s Barbershop

Lake Movers

Liberty Dental 

Perez Nursery & Landscaping

Precision Cabinets

Reagan Management Services

Ribbons & Roses

Shea Homes

Shear Canine

SignPro Brentwood

Steen Chiropractic

Strawns Concrete

Sweeney’s Grill

SYSC Brentwood

Vitality Bowls Brentwood


Community Leaders

Brian Swisher, Former Mayor, City of Brentwood

Barbara Guise, Former Mayor, City of Brentwood and Downtown Business Owner

Annette Beckstrand, Former Vice Mayor, City of Brentwood and Brentwood Business Owner 
Dewey DeMartini, Former Brentwood City Councilmember and 50+ Year Local Business Owner

Carlos Sanabria, Clerk, Brentwood Union School District Board of Education

R. Paul Krey, DDS, Former Brentwood Union School District Board Member and 46-year Local Business Owner

Mark Evenson, Retired Chief of Police, City of Brentwood

Peter Garcia, Former President, Los Medanos Community College

Luisa Aranda

Christie Ausmus

Robert E. Beer

Halden & Laura Broaders

Joe & Tara Carr

Kim Carrington

Peter Charitou, 18-year Downtown Business owner

Esther Correa

Pamela Dale

Leonardo Del Chiaro

Dan & Barbara Denis

Holly Fahey

Dennis Finn, Downtown Business Owner

Timothy Fitzpatrick

Maria Gonzalez

Zacarias N. Gonzalez

Rajesh Gupta

Jackie Harrison

Maureen Hutchison

Thomas T. Hwin

Nicole & Cameron Jenkins

Jamie Johnson

Mike Joksch

Dane Judson

Kevin R. King, Local Business Owner, Retired Police Officer and 2018 Brentwood Citizen of the Year

Roberta Klemm

Rich Leland

Willfried Lacher

Marien Lombardi

Christine Lujan, Registered Nurse and 2016 John Muir Employee of the Year

Joe Martinez

Rich Matosich

Richard & Marie Mello

Ike Montanez, Former Teacher

Kathleen Mount

Mike Nesbitt, Sheetmetal Workers Local Union No. 104 and Deer Ridge Resident

Steve Padgett, Retired Firefighter and Former Planning Commissioner

Jose & Pilar Pannitto

Ron Reagan

Maria C. Robinson

Tony Rogelstad, Local Business Owner

Roseanne Ruggiero

Robert T. St. Charles

Althea Steptoe

Dolores Storr

Art Valdez

Payam Vahdat

Jason Vogan

Jim Wangemann, 25-Year Independent Business Owner and 2007 Brentwood Citizen of the Year

Inez Wondeh, CEO, Healthcare Organization and Deer Ridge Resident

Albert Yeremian


Vince Wells

Union President of United Professional Firefighters of Contra Costa County, Local 1230

“Local firefighters endorse Measure L because if Measure L passes, the development will provide a new fire station, staff and equipment for the new fire station. Please vote Yes on L.”


Carlos Sanabria

Brentwood Union School District
Board Member

“I support Measure L because it will fix the traffic nightmare at Adams Middle School and Heritage High School. Furthermore, with 80% senior housing required, the Measure L plan won’t add many students to Brentwood schools.”

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Barbara Guise

Former Mayor, City of Brentwood

“As the former Mayor and a councilmember for more than 25 years, I’ve seen many projects come and go in Brentwood. I didn’t support all of them, but I’m gladly voting Yes on Measure L, as it’s among the best I’ve seen. It provides nearly $200,000,000 for our fire district, our schools and our roads. And it won’t cost taxpayers a penny.”

2017 - Seth Morgan Territory - Open Road

Seth Adams

Land Conservation Director, Save Mount Diablo

“Measure L makes a once-in-a-generation environmental tradeoff agreement possible, protecting over 1,700 acres of open space. Save Mount Diablo supports Measure L because it preserves three times as much land as it builds upon and permanently strengthens the urban limit line in Brentwood.”


Nicole and Cameron Jenkins

Local Parents Pictured with Their Daughter Addie

“We support Measure L because as Brentwood parents, our children are our number one concern. Even though our kids are still young, we know we need to fix the traffic nightmare at Heritage High School and Adams Middle School. Measure L will do just that and will do so without adding many new children to our schools.” 


Joe and Tara Carr

Brentwood Parents

“Adjusting the urban limit line is the only way to improve local traffic flow around Heritage High School and Adams Middle School. If approved, benefits from Measure L will include widening Balfour Road, extending American Avenue and funding additional road improvements.” 


Mike Nesbitt

Sheetmetal Workers Local Union No. 104 and Deer Ridge Resident

“This project will provide long-term union construction jobs over the 20-year build out. Many of our members live right here in Brentwood and commute long hours to San Francisco and beyond each day. Measure L will provide stable careers for Brentwood residents, keeping them close to home and out of commute-time traffic.” 


Peter Garcia

Former President, Los Medanos Community College

“Communities like this provide invaluable community benefits to local schools and other services. The new Los Medanos College campus being constructed in Brentwood is the direct result of community benefit from similar projects.” 


Kevin King

Local Business Owner, Retired Police Officer and 2018 Brentwood Citizen of the Year

"By adding a senior community, Measure L’s benefits come with very little impact. Seniors shop locally, pose few public safety concerns and contribute less rush-hour traffic than other residents. Yet if Brentwood voters don’t approve Measure L, Antioch would almost certainly annex the property and build high-density, non-senior housing, adding traffic to our streets and students to our schools."

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