Why should I vote Yes on Measure L?

Measure L will provide nearly $200,000,000 in new revenue for fire protection, schools and essential services and protect more than 1,700 acres of open space. It will also fund critical road improvements at American Avenue and Balfour Road to improve traffic flow and increase safety. And it will do all of this at no cost to taxpayers.

Why is senior housing beneficial to Brentwood?

Seniors are an economic engine that keep Brentwood thriving, providing revenue to schools and patronizing local businesses without the usual commute-time traffic generated by other development. Research and anecdotal data show that compared to other housing options, senior housing has a low impact on a city, producing less traffic during both rush hour and school drop off and pick up times. A senior community also contributes virtually no crime or additional school-crowding. Seniors from the development would shop locally, supporting Brentwood businesses and boosting our economy.

How will Measure L help the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District?

The Vineyards at Deer Creek — the 80% senior community created by Measure L — would provide $11 million to the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District and millions more annually in ongoing tax revenue. The proponents of Measure L will write the check to build a fire station, staff it and provide safety equipment — at no cost to taxpayers — because it’s the right thing to do.

Will Measure L protect open space?

Yes, Measure L will preserve more than 1,700 acres of open space in perpetuity. In fact, it preserves three times as much open space (1,785 acres) as land it builds upon (590 acres). This open space includes pristine land on Mount Diablo, often considered to be the missing piece of the puzzle in creating unprecedented connections to existing trail systems and State parks. Save Mount Diablo endorses Measure L because it provides an opportunity for a net conservation gain, which Save Mount Diablo’s Land Conservation Director Seth Adams calls a once-in-a-generation environmental tradeoff agreement.

Additionally, Measure L will protect at least 225 acres of open space on the property. The open space would include agricultural land, such as vineyards and olive groves, as well as other open space uses, which would contribute to our high quality of life.

What specific road improvements will Measure L fund?

Measure L aims to significantly improve local traffic flow, particularly around Heritage High School and Adams Middle School. These improvements include widening Balfour Road and extending American Avenue, definitively fixing a bottleneck that has long-plagued the circulation on our local streets. Also eligible for Measure L funding is Deer Valley Road, which hasn’t been improved in four decades and is considered a serious safety hazard. Funding from Measure L could be used to improve Deer Valley Road, preventing future fatalities and providing a safer, faster route to Kaiser.

What happens if Measure L fails?

If Brentwood voters fail to pass Measure L, housing could potentially still be built in the same location, but under the control of the City of Antioch. Under this scenario, the project likely would not be a senior community, bringing more kids to overcrowd Brentwood schools without any benefits to Brentwood residents.

Does Blackhawk Nunn have local experience in Brentwood?

Blackhawk Nunn has a 30-year history of supporting Brentwood and building quality communities that local residents are proud of. As the people behind the popular Vineyards at Marsh Creek (Trilogy), Summerset and Apple Hill communities, Blackhawk Nunn has a proven track record in our City. The Nunn Family has been in Brentwood for more than 125 years and their Orchard & Vine vineyard along Vasco Road is beloved among Brentwood and East County residents alike. Over the last 40 years, the Blackhawk Nunn team has protected more than 8,000 acres of open space in Contra Costa County.

Is this community the right size for Brentwood?

We believe that Measure L is the right choice for Brentwood. Overall density will be limited to three units per acre as averaged across the entire 815-acre site. The community will be phased in over an expected 20-year build out and likely wouldn’t reach its maximum 3 units per acre until the end of the build out, if at all.

Will Measure L provide local job opportunities?

Absolutely! The planned expansion of John Muir Hospital relies on passing Measure L, which estimates show will create at least 195 guaranteed healthcare jobs. John Muir and Kaiser rely on the area’s senior population to remain economically viable. These hospitals are important job providers in our community and will support hundreds of new jobs if we approve this measure.

Measure L will also provide hundreds of long-term union construction jobs over the 20-year build out. Brentwood is home to countless building trades workers who often commute hours to San Francisco or beyond each day for construction jobs. Measure L would provide stable, long-term careers for these members of the community, keeping them close to home and out of daily commute traffic. Furthermore, construction workers shop locally and would provide a sustained boost to the local economy over the life of the project.

Wouldn’t this add more families to our already crowded schools in Brentwood?

The vast majority of residents in the new community will only send revenue — not children — to Brentwood schools. With a minimum of 80% of housing reserved for seniors, Measure L would add very few children to Brentwood schools. Measure L generates approximately 83 high school students at full build out, which is expected in 20 years. Due to the phased approach of the project, the net impact of any new families would be significantly diminished over the 20-year build out, if the project ever reaches full build out at all.

However, if the land becomes non-senior housing in Antioch, over 1,400 new students would attend Brentwood schools and rush-hour traffic would be significantly worse than with the Measure L plan.

Has this property been considered as a possible location for development in the past?

Yes. In fact, this property was previously inside a prior formulation of Contra Costa County’s urban limit line. Measure L is consistent with the 2014 City of Brentwood General Plan’s vision for the future of this property. With the East Bay Regional Park District’s new park at Roddy Ranch to the west, the City of Antioch to the north and the City of Brentwood’s Shadow Lakes homes to the east, Measure L poses no threat of unchecked growth.

Is Measure L consistent with the City of Brentwood’s General Plan for community build out?

Yes, this community would be built in the City of Brentwood’s Special Planning Area 2, which is a cornerstone of the General Plan’s policies for community build out. As such, Measure L is entirely consistent with the community’s vision for the area, as reflected in the 2014 City of Brentwood General Plan.

Will this community comply with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)?

Yes, the community would be constructed in an environmentally responsible manner. In fact, the CEQA process is already underway and the development, if approved by Brentwood voters, will be required to fully comply with CEQA as a matter of state law.

How did Measure L get on the ballot this fall? What are the next steps?

This Spring, more than 5,000 Brentwood voters signed petitions to qualify Measure L for the November 2019 ballot. Now, Brentwood voters have the opportunity to decide whether or not to approve Measure L and allow for this new community and the tens of millions in local funding that comes with it. Measure L’s proposed adjustment to the urban limit line is consistent with the Brentwood General Plan’s vision for this area, can only be made through voter approval and would allow the City to thoughtfully control its own growth. Because the plan area is currently outside City limits, the project will also require separate future approvals to bring the plan area into the City.