The Plan

Measure L is right for Brentwood. It will provide nearly $200,000,000 for fire protection, schools and city services, protect over 1,700 acres of open space in perpetuity and fund key traffic and road safety improvements, all at no cost to local taxpayers. 

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By the Numbers


active adult (seniors)


acres of permanently protected open space


Limited to

per acre

Overall density will be limited to three units per acre as averaged across the entire 815-acre site



in revenue and fees for city, schools, fire, and other public services


Hundreds of healthcare jobs at John Muir and Kaiser and hundred more union construction jobs over 

build out


Immediate Improvements
to Traffic Flow and Safety

Without Measure L, local traffic flow, particularly around Heritage High School and Adams Middle School, will continue to be a significant problem. Deer Valley Road will also remain a huge safety concern. 

  • Measure L will extend American Avenue

  • Measure L will widen Balfour Road

  • Safety improvements to Deer Valley Road are also eligible, making Brentwood residents’ drive to Kaiser safer and faster

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specific plan, click here


Senior Housing — Maximum Benefit with Minimum Impact

By adding a senior community, Measure L’s benefits come with very little impact. 

  • Seniors contribute less traffic during both rush hour and school drop off and pick up times

  • Very few school-age children will live on this property (if it gets annexed into Brentwood) meaning no additional school-crowding

  • Brentwood’s seniors are an economic engine, providing revenue to the local economy by shopping at Brentwood businesses


Build a Fire Station and Staff It

At its September 11 meeting, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District unanimously approved an agreement with Blackhawk-Nunn — the people behind Measure L — to build a new fire station, staff it and fund much-needed fire safety and emergency response equipment.

The East Contra Costa Fire Protection District is critically underfunded which, coupled with California’s wildfires, is hazardous for everyone.

To read more about the agreement to provide millions of dollars to the fire district, click here.


Permanently Preserving More than 1,700 Acres of Open Space

  • Save Mount Diablo supports Measure L because according to Land Conservation Director Seth Adams, Measure L is providing an opportunity for a once-in-a-generation environmental tradeoff agreement to protect over 1,500 acres of open space between Brentwood and Mount Diablo: a net conservation gain

  • Would protect at least 225 acres of open space on the property, which would include agricultural land, such as vineyards and olive groves, and other open space uses

Click here to read why Save Mount Diablo endorses Measure L


Create Hundreds of Long-Term Jobs

The planned expansion of John Muir Hospital relies on passing Measure L, which estimates show will create at least 195 guaranteed healthcare jobs. John Muir and Kaiser rely on the area’s senior population to remain economically viable. These hospitals are important job providers in our community and will support hundreds of new jobs if we approve this measure.


Measure L will also provide hundreds of long-term union construction jobs over the 20-year build out. Brentwood is home to countless building trades workers who often commute hours to San Francisco or beyond each day for construction jobs.

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The Right Plan for Brentwood

Consistent with Brentwood’s General Plan for community build out (SPA 2)

Allows Brentwood to control its own growth

The urban limit line can only be changed through voter approval

This property was previously inside a prior formulation of the county’s urban limit line